Fires in flammable liquids, plastic warehouses, hangars and hazardous technologies require, in most cases, the application of an aqueous solution mixed with a foaming agent. Foam can be added to both sprinkler and flood systems. The right choice of foamer and mixing system are key factors in the reliability of the equipment.

According to the type of foaming, we distinguish between systems with heavy, medium and light foam.

The end elements can be sprinkler heads, open nozzles, light foam generators as well as manual, remote controlled or automatic monitors.

Foam extinguishing system uses air–fighting foam, which is produced by aeration of foaming solution that is made of water and foam concentrate.

The amount of air mixed specifies the type of foam: hard foam, medium or light foam. Foam extinguishing system is used for protection of flammable liquids, warehouses of dangerous materials, cable areas, aircraft hangars, refineries, in the chemical industry etc.

Foam-cover prevents the access of oxygen, thus resulting in extinguishing fire and furthermore it prevents the flammable liquid from re-ignition.